The following are TRANSAFRICA ASSURANCE CO. LTD. downloadable forms. Download any form, fill it and submit it to us.

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[media-downloader media_id="341" texts="ALL RISK CLAIM FORM."]
[media-downloader media_id="342" texts="BURGLARY CLAIM FORM."]
[media-downloader media_id="343" texts="FIDELITY CLAIM FORM."]
[media-downloader media_id="345" texts="MARINE CLAIM FORM."]
[media-downloader media_id="346" texts="MONEY CLAIM FORM."]
[media-downloader media_id="344" texts="FIRE FIRE CLAIM FORM."]
[media-downloader media_id="347" texts="MOTOR CLAIM FORM--CYCLE."]
[media-downloader media_id="348" texts="MOTOR CLAIM FORM--THIRD PARTY"]
[media-downloader media_id="351" texts="PERSONAL ACCIDENT CLAIM FORM."]
[media-downloader media_id="352" texts="WORKERMEN’S COMPENSATION CLAIM FORM."]

CEO Comments.

We welcome you all to our new portal .We welcome your comments and suggestions to improve our website. Our intention is to be informative, transparent, useful and interactive. We ,TransAfrica Assurance Co Ltd , are part of Mehta Group of Companies and believe in the values and philosophy for which Mehta Group stands for.

Our Vision is to be the most respected company with a regional presence in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Our Mission is being the best company in terms of claim settlement and client servicing