WHY-Business Crime Insurance?

An insurance policy that companies purchase to ensure protection from losses resulting from business-related crime. Protection can cover merchandise, money or other property loss when a company is victimized by someone perpetrating embezzlement, forgery, robbery, securities theft or another form of business-related crime.

Business owners should keep in mind that most commercial property policies do not cover crime-related losses. Companies can invest in business crime insurance either as part of a larger insurance package (typically known as special multiperil insurance or a commercial package policy), or they can purchase separate, standalone policies to address and provide coverage for specific types of crime.

We provide business crime insurance as per the policies below:


The policy covers dishonesty, fraud, infidelity other part of workers appointed in the sensitive area like cashier, storekeeper, sales or purchase department. Insured is required to supply the list of such employees along with the amount of sum insured for each employee.


a) Covers cash in transit from business premises to Bank, suppliers or any other place to be specified vis-à-vis

b) Cash at the business premises during business hours.

c) Cash at the business premises after business hours in a strong safe

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